Would You Wood?

The craftmakers at Woodthumb have come up with something not seen by many - a wooden necktie. I have seen many types of ties, even a flask tie, but a wooden one is something quite rare. If you dare to be the trendsetter in your boardroom, pick yourself up one.

The Everchanging Gift..

Its the perfect season for the perfect gift. Why buy someone one tie, when you can buy them a subscription to many ties. If they don't like the tie, get bored of the tie, or want a new look they just ship it back for free in their mailbox, and we send them a fresh one! What could be more simpler? Its your answer to your gift giving dilemma. Check out our prepaid subscription options for 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.

Tie a Half Windsor Knot - Animated

How to Tie an Eldredge Knot - Animated

Fold a Napkin into a Necktie!

Patriotic Ties

Here at TIE-MAN.com we have a limited amount of patriotic ties just in time for you to salute your country. If you are interested in in flying your colors this month just send us an email at info@tie-man.com and we will add them to your tie preference list. God bless America!

Thirsty Tie?

Tired of carrying that water bottle every wear you go? What if you had a hidden pouch concealed within your necktie? It even has a drinking spout that self-seals when you are not drinking from it. Several ounces of mystery will hang below your neck without anyone suspecting a thing. What will Baxbo think of next? A conversation starter and a fabulous gift. Send us an email at info@tie-man.com to find out more.

Is your Man a Tie Man?

Is  your man a tie man? TIE-MAN.com necktie rental service is the perfect gift for the man in your life. Give the gift of variety. Rent ties, exchange them, and keep 1 a month - its yours. Why settle for a common gift, we brake the mold when it comes to gift giving.

Adding Ladies Scarf Rental

Not only do we have a great tie rental program but TIE-MAN.com has expanded its lineup to include ladies neckwear. Check out our Scarf section to get started. Now our same great service has been applied to scarves. Unlimited exchanges. Keep 1 scarf a month, every month - its yours! Never pay for shipping - FREE shipping both ways! No late fees - keep as long as needed, return at anytime.  Cancel at Anytime. Its also a great gift for that special someone! We match a scarf to your preference list. 

Click here to go to the Scarves section.

Customer Appreciation Referral Program

Tie-Man.com has a new customer appreciation referral program! If you are a current customer and you refer a friend, family member, co-worker, or a random person off the street who signs up for any of Tie-Man.com services we will send you a FREE necktie for you to keep! Its yours as a token of our appreciation for spreading the word about our services. Thank you for all of your support!

Joe Six Pack Tie Special

Tie-Man.com is offering their Joe 6 Pack Tie Rental Special for a LIMITED TIME. Get the ultimate variety bunch - 6 ties for $27.99/ per month. Same free shipping, unlimited exchanges and same great service! Contact us today about how we can help you keep your lineup of neckties fresh.

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Rent & Keep 1

You keep one tie per month, every month - its yours. Tie-Man.com offers the best value packed tie rental subscription. Rent, exchange, and keep 1 necktie per month. We aim to please and YOU are our focus. Month-to-month and pre-paid plans available. We look forward to working with you!

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Perfect Gift for Dads and Grads!

Tie-Man.com tie rental subscription is a perfect gift for your Dad. Why give him one tie when you can give him many more at our low subscription cost? Its the gift that keeps on giving.

And what could be more useful to a graduate who is about to enter the job market, than rental ties for a professional look during interviews and for the eventual daily work environment. Their future will look even brighter with our refined looks.

Congratulations for making the right choice in choosing Tie-Man.com - your tie rental service!

What if... for Ties

  • You never needed to clean your ties again?
  • You never needed to drive to the store to buy a new tie?
  • You never had to wear the same tie twice?
  •  Getting a new tie was as simple as opening your mailbox?
How would you feel if these problems were solved? What more could you accomplish?

Find out today by subscribing to YOUR tie rental service:


Tired of the Same Old Ties?

Have you been staring at the same tired old tie rack for a while now? Is your closet looking slim? Looking to upgrade your professional wardrobe without breaking the bank? Tie-Man tie rental service is the answer you are looking for. We are an affordable alternative to buying a new tie rack full of ties. Sign up for our service and expand the variety of your neckwear. Return the ties at anytime for a new selection. Easy pick up and delivery via your mailbox and the US Postal Service.